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May 22, 2019

Biogas plant – biowaste management

In recent years, the problem of increasing the amount of waste generated has become more and more important. The economic factor has a large impact on the increase in the amount of generated waste in households. After the introduction of selective biowaste collection, biogas plants will be one of the ways to process them. Food […]

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May 21, 2019

Biowaste – New regulations in the selective collection of municipal waste.

Bio-waste is the largest amount of municipal waste, the National Plan for Waste Management assumed that by 2020 all municipalities will be obliged to selectively collect green waste and other bio-waste. Until now, green waste has been selectively picked up, but this is expected to change in 2020. Additionally, selective collection of bio-waste or kitchen […]

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May 16, 2019

Biomass boiler for those who care about the environment is important.

Biomass boilers are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they provide low heating costs and their work is environmentally friendly. These types of heat sources are characterized by solutions that guarantee safety and comfort of use of the heating installation. Biomass boilers purchased and assembled must meet the requirements resulting from […]

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The Energia Plus program is gaining momentum. The proposals include, inter alia, prosumer renewable energy installations up to 500 kW for companies, real estate tax relief and the possibility of using the white certificate system. The program is to be constructed in such a way that the benefits of being a prosumer do not burden […]

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Amendments to the RES Act easier access to alternative sources.

The Ministry of Energy has completed the process of social consultations and inter-ministerial consultations of the draft amendment to the act on renewable energy sources. Comments could be submitted until March 7, 2019. The project is aimed at further implementation of measures aimed at achieving the 15% share of energy from renewable sources in final […]

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Solar collectors are environmentally friendly solutions.

These are devices converting solar energy into heat. Solar collectors save more money spent on traditional heating systems. More and more people install solar collectors on the roofs of houses. It is a result of promoting renewable energy sources and funding for ecological heating solutions. In summer, the collectors provide full protection for the needs […]

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Condensing oil boiler as an ecological heating system.

The condensing oil boiler, like its gas equivalent, recovers heat energy from the condensation of water vapor contained in the flue gas. This results in high efficiency of the device, but also forces the appropriate construction of the heating system. The condensing oil boiler has an efficiency of less than 6% higher than its non-condensing […]

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Electric boilers – convenience and ecology in one

An electric boiler compared to central heating using solid fuels is a convenient solution in the winter season. Therefore, electric heating is usually selected by people who do not have the time to prepare fuel for the heating season or have no place to store it. Electric boilers also have ecological values ​​thanks to such […]

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May 15, 2019

Gas heating comfortable and also ecological

Gas heating has many advantages: it is comfortable, it is low-emission, it does not emit harmful dust, it does not require daily servicing, it does not generate any waste such as ash. In order to use gas heating, you must invest in connection to the gas network and a special furnace. If you have a […]

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Heat pumps as an eco-friendly heating system

When focusing on ecological heating solutions, it is worth paying attention to heat pumps that are becoming more and more popular as the most ecological way of heating. Heat pumps for heating a building use renewable energy, accumulated in the ground, water or air. Its principle of operation is based on the typical physical changes […]

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