Gas heating comfortable and also ecological

Gas heating has many advantages: it is comfortable, it is low-emission, it does not emit harmful dust, it does not require daily servicing, it does not generate any waste such as ash.

In order to use gas heating, you must invest in connection to the gas network and a special furnace. If you have a well insulated house, do not worry about high gas bills. If it is not possible to connect to the gas network, the solution may be installation of a tank with liquid gas or oil, electric and biomass-fired ovens. In the case of electric furnaces when heat is mainly produced at the time of the cheaper tariff, the costs of this heating will be relatively low. Biomass fired boilers and oil boilers are also environmentally friendly and relatively cheap to buy and operate.

The advantages of gas heating:

low price and easy availability of sales and service networks
small dimensions
carbon efficiency
low fuel costs
Disadvantages of gas heating

improper use or maintenance may cause an explosion or poisoning with gas
in the case of liquid gas feeding, assembly of a large and expensive fuel tank