Smog threat that can be eliminated

Smog is the air pollution that occurs near the ground, which is caused by the accumulation of solid, liquid and gaseous pollutants as a result of their emission to the atmosphere under unfavorable meteorological conditions.
In Poland, we mainly have particulate pollutants and exhaust gases in which, in addition to carbon oxides, sulfur and nitrogen, there are also polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with the most famous benzo (a) pyrene. This type of smog is recently called “Polish smog”. Solids in the air can come from natural sources and from human activities.
It should be remembered that dust suspended negatively affects not only humans and animals, but also plants, because, sinking, settles on the leaves, limiting the availability of light for photosynthesis, and simultaneously clogs stomata, which hinders the gas exchange of the plant with the environment.

In matters related to air quality, activities at the government level, shaping legal regulations, and financial support for investments leading to reduction of harmful compounds are very important. The level of social awareness is also extremely important, and the role of institutions guarding environmental protection, but also of non-governmental organizations and the activity of territorial self-governments is invaluable.

The Supreme Audit Office estimates that, due to the smog, every year 45 thousand people die prematurely in Poland.

From January 28, public consultations regarding the draft anti-smog resolution prepared by the Marshal’s Office for the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship are underway. The anti-smog resolution is intended to improve air quality in the whole province within a few years. The project prepared in the Marshal’s Office contains a catalog of fuels, the use of which will be prohibited.

The city of Bydgoszcz is intensively working on improving atmospheric air through activities:

reviewing the draft anti-smog resolution in the regional council
creating an urban co-financing program for the replacement of coal heating with ecological ones
running the Clean Air Program – for health, climate and the environment
launching an information and educational platform for bydgoszcz citizens – thanks to it you can check the air quality throughout the city