Amendments to the RES Act easier access to alternative sources.

The Ministry of Energy has completed the process of social consultations and inter-ministerial consultations of the draft amendment to the act on renewable energy sources. Comments could be submitted until March 7, 2019.
The project is aimed at further implementation of measures aimed at achieving the 15% share of energy from renewable sources in final gross energy consumption by 2020. The solutions included in the amendment are to contribute to increasing energy security.

The project is part of the scope of activities that create a stable legal environment. As a result, they are the basis for potential investors who, in advance and with complete knowledge, may decide to participate in auctions. The solutions provided for in the project will also contribute to further harmonization of the legal environment and RES market, and provide an incentive for its development. They will also contribute to increasing safety and long-term certainty for investors who have invested in RES.

The proposals for amendments also clarify the provisions on market instruments, such as auctions, which are conducted in accordance with the rules of competition open to all producers producing RES electricity competing on equal terms. The sale of energy from renewable sources at auctions should ensure reduction of the subsidy obtained by the generator of this energy to the necessary minimum. The amendment to the Act on Renewable Energy Sources will enable the auction to sell electricity from RES in 2019, thanks to the indication in its transitional provisions of its maximum quantities and values ​​offered for sale.

Source: Ministry of Energy