Bydgoszcz City of ecological education of children and youth

In connection with air protection and the fight against smog, the City of Bydgoszcz created, in cooperation with educational units, scenarios for teachers. We encourage you to implement educational packages and to spread knowledge about the care of air quality among students. Educational programs were adapted to each age group of children and adolescents.

The program was created for the youngest:

Program – Is it a Dragon or Smog? is a prophylactic ecological program developed in Kindergarten No. 43 “U Krecik Szybownika” in Bydgoszcz. Targeted to pre-school children and students from grades I to III

The schedule of classes includes:

What we breathe children learn about what air is. Learning using props such as balloons, soap bubbles, a windmill.
What is smog. Children based on a short story entitled “My hero dragon” find out in a pictorial way what smog is and what risks for human health bring.
“Smog smugglers” at this stage of the program will familiarize themselves with the ways to prevent the occurrence of smog phenomena in cities. The poem “Appeal to the smogs” is helpful in this lesson.
The lesson “The Watchtower of the Clean Air” poem works on the imagination of the youngest in an easy way presenting the problem of smog.
The last topic summarizes the theme of the smog “What we know about smog” classes predict the form of a competition with smog.
For slightly older educational program “KAWKA” – in search of traces of low emission in two groups: classes I-III and IV-VI program. It contains the subject of health and social benefits resulting from the elimination of low emissions. The packages include: 2 scenarios for teachers, a job card, a didactic board and an educational film about Bydgoszcz.

In the first group of classes I-III they are covered by the themes:

The air and its urban secrets. Children learn about the properties of air and the most important causes and the resulting pollution of the local environment. He learns how important the air is to life. He will learn to recognize air pollution that comes from human activities will understand the concept of low emissions.
On the guard of clean air – means what to do to make the air harmless. Classes are to familiarize children with different methods of care and clean and healthy air in the local environment. It will also learn how everyday habits affect the state of air. He will learn ways to care for air cleanliness, he will be able to segregate waste properly and learn how to use it. He will learn to differentiate between renewable and non-renewable energy and giving examples.
In the second group of classes IV-VI it contains topics:

On the trail of fumes or what bothers us in breathing. They will learn the problem of air pollution and low emissions. You will find out what is the composition of the air and know its properties. Familiarize yourself with the causes of air pollution. Deep knowledge about smog and what can be burned in the home oven. He will have the ability to think independently and draw conclusions not only in the ecological theme.
We work together – we care for the purity of the air. It will make children aware of what is needed in taking care of the air. What positive impact is the use of ecological transport and green energy sources. After classes, he will be able to (a) name the causes of air pollution and low emissions. Get to know the ecological means of transport and what they depend on. Understand the need to use renewable energy and indicate activities for the protection of the environment.
Classes end with checking knowledge of the above topics in the form of games and competitions.

For the oldest school youth, ie the VIII class, a scenario was created: “RECOGNIZE BYDGOSZCZY TO CLIMATE CHANGE.” BECOME A YOUNG ECONOMIC EDUCATOR IN YOUR CITY “” directly at school, shows young people what actions the Bydgoszcz City Council undertakes to limit climate change, adapt to their negative Pupils taking on the employees of some municipal enterprises learn about the activities leading to the reduction of the effects of climate change The Mill Island is intentionally chosen precisely this part of the city here is the most elements of work on the consequences of climate change. scenarios from the life of residents that make them aware of the ecological threats that lie around the corner The main aim of the course is to familiarize young people with factors affecting climate change and what effect do they have They will learn about the consequences of global warming and what adaptations to climate change should be chosen for the city of Bydgoszcz.